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Popular Modular Kitchens in 2021

Acrylic L Shape Modular Kitchen in Red and Black Color

This Modern acrylic kitchen in red and black with BWR carcass, Century HDHMR shutters, and lacquered glass wall shutters. The kitchen becomes the focal point of the home.


  • Size:      11′ X 6′
  • Shape: L Shape Kitchen
  • Baskets: 9 Pcs Hettich Innotech Baskets
Primary Material    Century HDHMR
Shutter Finish         Acrylic Laminate
Hardware                 Premium
Warranty                  5 Year’s Warranty
SKU                            MK7426-S-LK2840
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Parallel Modular Kitchen in Matte Laminate

This Parallel Modular Kitchen in contrasting tones absorbs a lot of natural light. It's stylish while also being practical, with ample space for all of your equipment (including the washing machine and dishwasher) and crockery. With a distinct counter for chopping, the workflow is simple to start in motion. The Wenge cabinets protect you from smudges and curry spatter. The cabinets are simple to keep clean and open and close. With the perfect mix of open and closed wall cabinets, you can display that prized piece of Chinese art or keep the items you need on hand at all times!


  • Size:      10′ X 9′
  • Shape: Parallel Kitchen
  • Baskets: 7 Pcs Hettich Innotech Baskets
Primary Material    Century HDHMR
Shutter Finish         Matte
Hardware                 Premium
Warranty                  5 Year’s Warranty
SKU                            MK7356-S-PK2240
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L Shaped Modular Kitchen with Black and Green Theme

As you can see, this gorgeous L-shaped kitchen was created with a pop motif in mind. The contrasting tones look fantastic, especially since the room is filled with natural light. We recommend laminates that are simple to clean and maintain. The kitchen layout provides ample space for all of your equipment and kitchenware. The combination of open and closed cupboards allows you to show off your dinnerware while keeping the masalas hidden. You'll also have your counter area if your child wants to finish their artwork while you're in the kitchen. It would help if you didn't miss out on any memorable occasions.


  • Size:      9′ X 10′
  • Shape: L Shaped
  • Baskets: 7 Pcs Hettich Innotech Baskets
Primary Material    Century HDHMR
Shutter Finish         High Gloss
Hardware                 Premium
Warranty                  5 Year’s Warranty
SKU                            MK2352-S-LK2410
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Green and Black U-Shaped Modular Kitchen in Woodlam

The dark black and green combo in this Modular kitchen oozes style. The high-gloss century laminate finish ensures that keeping the kitchen clean. This Modular kitchen includes base units, wall units and tall units.


  • Size:      14′ X 11′
  • Shape: U-Shaped
  • Primary Material: Century HDHMR
  • Shutter Finish: High Gloss
  • Hardware: Premium
  • Warranty: 5 Year's Warranty
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